Investment Services

For most people, investment and wealth management can be very challenging without proper advice and help. Whether planning for retirement, higher education costs, or managing family wealth, CORE Benefits & Investments provides resources and advice to meet your needs. As an independent financial services firm, CORE’S financial consultants partner with many investment companies to create the proper portfolio to accomplish your investment goals.

The CORE Investment Process

The CORE Investment Process starts with a conversation about what is important to you. We understand that it is not just about the money. It is also about what the money allows you to do or experience. Many clients say their goals are more about having financial “security” or “freedom” than second homes or cars. From that conversation, and completing a Risk Tolerance profile, we can determine if your current investments match your intended goals and tolerances. CORE’s portfolios are tailored to our clients’ needs, as well as monitored and changed when our clients’ needs change. Ask your CORE Advisor to explain the CORE Investment Process and how it may apply to you.

The CORE Investment Committee 

The CORE Investment Committee was formed to bring the collective insight of our advisors together to work on behalf of all our clients. The Committee meets on a regular basis to examine the investments being used in our clients’ accounts. The Committee incorporates the CORE Investment Process to find new investments and track existing investments being used in client portfolios. CORE believes that a collective set of minds is best for our clients, and our clients find that they truly work with a team when they work with CORE.

Retirement Plans

In addition to the benefit plans mentioned above, CORE advisors not only advise but we also service group retirement plans. As a full service brokerage firm, we work to find the correct investment provider and administration company to help design the proper retirement plan to fit your needs. We guide you through the implementation process and ongoing servicing of the plan for you and your employees.